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Winter Vegetable Collection Plug Plants

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  1. Winter Cropping Veg Mix

    Winter Cropping Veg Mix

    …give you tasty leaves within weeks or can be left to produce larger leaves and stems which can be braised or steamed like asparagus. Perfect to serve with fried garlic and cubed potatoes for a light and tasty meal. Mix…

    22 Value Plugs
  2. "Mind the Gap" Leaf Salad Collection

    …cucumbers. Plant straight into greenhouse/tunnel borders, or into the large pots that your tomatoes or cucumbers grew in - there is no need to change the compost, remove the plants and replace with your new …

    22 Value Plugs (mix of varieties)
  3. Broccoli Plants - Sprouting Continuity Collection

    Broccoli Plants - Sprouting Continuity Collection

    One of the hardiest crops, withstanding winter temperatures down to -12C (10F). Our collection of three first-class varieties will provide you with tasty pickings November-March. Height 90cm (36"). Spread 60cm (24").

    21 Value Plugs
  4. Leek Plants - Winter Collection

    Leek Plants - Winter Collection

    Enjoy a successional harvest of delicious leeks throughout the winter. Comprises: (January-March) - Comprises of 46 plants (23 of each variety). Poulton F1 (a short-shafted variety which produces high quality leeks…

    46 Value Plugs
    From £9.99
  5. Kale Plants - Mixed Collection

    Kale Plants - Mixed Collection

    Our mixed collection of Kale plants will provide you with delicious, nutritious "leafy" pickings from late autumn to early winter. The plants are extremely reliable and will withstand the most adverse…

    21 Value Plugs (a mix of each variety)
  6. Kale Plants - Gourmet Collection Save 18%

    Kale Plants - Gourmet Collection

    A mixed collection of gourmet kales to add colour to your autumn/winter garden, looking beautiful and tasting wonderful. Collection includes a mix of each of the variety: Buttonhole, Midnight Sun & Peacock…

    21 Value Plugs (a mix of each variety)
    £9.99 Was £12.23
  7. Jerusalem Artichoke Gourmet Roots - Papas

    Jerusalem Artichoke Gourmet Roots - Papas

    …Gourmet Roots collection - also known as 'Sunchoke'. Easy to grow tubers which can be left in the ground over winter and harvested as wanted. Rich, nutty flavour, good to roast, sauté, bake or turn…

    6 Super Plugs
Showing 7 product(s)