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Yellow Onion

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  1. Shallots Bulbs - Meloine

    Shallots Bulbs - Meloine

    Heavy crops of round bulbs with reddish-yellow skin. Good resistance to downy mildew. Stores well.

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 400g Pack
  2. Onion Sets - Senshyu Yellow

    Onion Sets - Senshyu Yellow

    An extremely popular Japanese over-wintering onion, reliably producing a heavy crop of semi-globe-shaped, straw-coloured bulbs of excellent quality, which should be ready to harvest in early July.

    250g Pack
    More Info Currently Unavailable
  3. Onion Sets - Triple Pack Save 24%

    Onion Sets - Triple Pack

    …Champion - This superb onion matures from late July and stores well until the end of the year. Whilst mildish in flavour it's a little more robust than others offered due to its slightly higher dry matter content.…

    3 x 250g Packs (1 pack of each variety)
    £9.00 Was £11.97
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 3 product(s)