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Zinnia Seeds

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  1. Zinnia Seeds - Dobies Dahlia-Flowered Mixed

    Zinnia Seeds - Dobies Dahlia-Flowered Mixed

    Dobies own selection of these stunning flowers. Grow these statuesque beauties and you will see the reason for the name they do resemble dahlias. Plants produce enormous blooms in a wide array of colours. For borders or cut…

    Average Seeds 100
  2. Zinnia Seeds - Raspberry Lemonade

    Zinnia Seeds - Raspberry Lemonade

    These sun-loving flowers will benefit from as much sun as you can give them, producing masses of flowers in a variety of colours. Plant them a foot apart to create a floral carpet, or try them individually in terracotta pots on…

    Average Seeds 25
  3. Zinnia Seeds - Faberge Mixed

    Zinnia Seeds - Faberge Mixed

    Just one look at these flowering in the garden and you know you are on to a winner! Faberge is what we call a scabious flowered variety, which was very popular in years gone by, but through lack of attention the stock had…

    Average Seeds 90
  4. Zinnia Seeds - Dobies Faberge Selection

    Zinnia Seeds - Dobies Faberge Selection

    An improved selection of 'Faberge' with a larger proportion of highly domed, scabious flowers. This stunning mix of red, orange and yellow blooms is a real showstopper in the garden and in the home. Exotic, extremely attractive…

    Average Packet Content 90 seeds
  5. The Flower Garden

    The Flower Garden

    …cut and bring inside the house. Author Clare Foster and photographer Sabina Ruber have been experimenting with growing flowers from seed for several years. In this book they pass on that invaluable experience,…

Showing 7 product(s)